Waterman announce merger of Melbourne and Sydney operations

Published 2nd November 2022

The merger came into effect on 1st July 2021 and will see Waterman’s businesses in Melbourne and Sydney operate as one national business with a consolidated operational board and management. Specialising in mechanical, electrical, fire protection, hydraulics, vertical transportation, energy management and modelling, security, communications and ITC, the merger is part of Waterman’s wider strategy to strengthen its position in existing markets, such as health, retail, commercial, education and residential, as well as approaching new markets.

Waterman in Australia will be led by Philip Barnes, Brian Mason and Richard Nicoliello, and their vision is to focus on the business as a whole with a unified approach across new markets and sectors nationally.

Philip Barnes, who has overseen the Melbourne operation since 2014, will be Joint Managing Director alongside Brian Mason, previously in charge of the Melbourne office as Director of Operations, whilst Richard Nicoliello, in charge of Waterman’s operation in Sydney, will be Director on the National Board.

Waterman’s portfolio includes some of Australia’s most prestigious schemes such as the Sunshine, Wonthaggi and Footscray Hospitals, NSW State Library, and commercial office schemes including the Poly Centre building, VACC, Bosch whilst residential developments include Melbourne’s new 46-storey student accommodation on La Trobe Street.

“It is very exciting to come together to offer world class engineering under one roof and unlock so much value and opportunity”, Philip Barnes said, adding that “Waterman’s operations in Melbourne and Sydney are better and more valuable together.”

The opportunity also enables Waterman’s teams to work across a broader range of sectors and locations nationally. Brian Mason commented: “The merger is a positive step for the group and enables us to offer our specialty services to our valued clients nationally. Our vision is for our people and the overall business to benefit from the opportunities created by this merger and to be part of shaping Waterman’s future as we continue to grow in Australia.”

Richard Nicoliello added: “We are very excited about the future, and we see great opportunity for our people to thrive as part of a larger and stronger national business.”

The Board of Waterman also wish to acknowledge the dedicated services of Hugh Van Essen who has retired from his position as a Director on the Board. He will continue to work within the business as a Technical Director and be directly involved in projects as well as the ongoing mentoring of our future leaders.

For more information, welcome to contact us on:

Melbourne: melbourne@waterman-australia.com.au
Sydney: sydney@waterman-australia.com.au