Fire Protection and Hydraulic Services

Waterman offers a comprehensive range of fire protection and hydraulic services for a diverse range of industry sectors.

Fire Protection Services:

Our highly experienced division has detailed knowledge of all wet fire services.

  • Fire sprinkler systems of all types and hazard classifications
  • Deluge, wall wetting and drencher systems
  • Fire hydrant and hosereel systems
  • Combined Fire Hydrant and sprinkler systems
  • Fire services infrastructure (tanks, pumps etc)
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Occupant Warning and Evacuation systems
  • Gaseous suppression systems
  • Fast response and standard response sprinkler systems


Hydraulics Services:

Waterman’s Hydraulic Services division offers a full suite of specialist design and advisory services. This incorporates the efficient and economical design of plumbing systems for residential, commercial, industrial and technology facilities.

  • Domestic cold water systems
  • Domestic hot water systems
  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems
  • Trade waste drainage systems
  • Roof drainage systems
  • Recycled water systems
  • RO Water Systems
  • Gas reticulation systems
  • Waste water treatment and reuse systems
  • Sanitary fixture and tapware scheduling-
  • Flow and pressure control systems

Featured Project

Auburn Power Centre

The Auburn Centre offers over 32,000 sqm of retail space across two levels with parking for over 600 cars within a multi-deck carpark.

With a strong focus on sustainability, the development includes extensive use of natural ventilation to reduce energy consumption related to heating and cooling.

Waterman provided full design, documentation and construction phase services for the scheme, incorporating mechanical, electrical, fire, hydraulic, vertical transport and ESD.

Auburn Power Centre

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