Coventry University

Published 30th August 2022

The redevelopment of Coventry University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities received a commendation in the ‘Education’ category at the 2021 Institution of Structural Engineers Annual Awards in the Midland Regional Group. The Awards were established to give recognition for notable structural design or construction achievements throughout the UK.

Coventry University’s stunning scheme amalgamates several existing buildings within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities campus through a new build centralised hub. Combining extensive refurbishment and regeneration, the project also incorporates a new modern four-storey steel superstructure.

Home to a range of state-of-the-art technologies, studios and equipment, the development combines the full refurbishment of the Maurice Foss building, Graham Sutherland Tower and Workshops and the former Boiler House, with the co-ordination of a new four-storey steel superstructure located in the middle. The new facilities feature a hyper studio designed for cross-disciplinary projects and immersive studios with cutting-edge technologies, enhancing the faculty’s creative, teaching and learning spaces in a unique environment.
The campus remained partially operational throughout periods of the construction for which our team provided structural and civil engineering services to main contractor, McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd.