East Kent Recycling Facilities

Published 24th August 2022

This scheme includes the redevelopment of an existing waste facility in Faversham and a new waste management facility in Aylesham.
In Faversham, East Kent Recycling Limited’s (EKR’s) existing waste facility is being modernised and improved. The upgraded facility will handle up to 45,000 tonnes of waste per year. This will be processed by various means, including baling, loading, processing, screening, sorting, tipping, and treating using a combination of manual labour, equipment, machinery, and plant. These processes will recover value from waste, enabling it to be recycled, reused or recovered, diverting as much as possible from landfill. The new facility will bring employment opportunities to Faversham, also providing essential infrastructure whilst contributing to the effectiveness of waste management in east Kent.

EKR has also secured a new facility in Aylesham. As well as improving efficiency, the facility will help EKR achieve a recycling rate of at least 95% across its business. Recovering value from waste and enabling it to be recycled, re-used or recovered, the new facility will further enhance opportunities to divert waste away from landfill disposal. It will also boost local waste management capabilities, helping the area to cope with the waste generated by an expanding local population.

Our specialists devised a strategy for the Faversham and Aylesham facilities and worked through various technical options. We investigated the potential for a range of air quality, ecology, landscape, noise, odour, transport and visual impacts, helping EKR structure its proposals to incorporate various control measures. Our approach enabled EKR to realise its ambitions. Our team is continuing to assist EKR with planning, environmental permitting and fire prevention plan work.

Client: East Kent Recycling Limited